Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride- why you might be coming in 2nd at your interviews.

If you seem to be placing 2nd in your job interviews, ask yourself these questions:

1.       Am I truly getting constructive feedback as to why I was not chosen? Some of the most honest givers of feedback are our partners. They will tell us what we need to work on and generally what you need to work on at home is what you need to work on at work.
2.       Am I open to that feedback? Do you argue when you are given the feedback because if you do, perhaps people just shy away from giving you honest feedback. Keep in mind that it is uncomfortable to give people negative feedback. It’s not fun to give it so when a candidate is defensive, the recruiter might be inclined to say nothing or “it was a better fit with the other candidate”.
3.       Are you applying to the right kind of jobs? People like you very much but you just can’t get your dream job. People want to hire people they like so if you’re likable, you might be getting far but don’t have the necessary skills for the top job.
4.       Are you exploring enough different opportunities? Are you relying on one of two opportunities only? Sometimes you have to pursue more than a couple to succeed.
5.       Are you being too modest with your accomplishments? You need to find the fine line between boasting and selling yourself. No matter your profession, think “how can I improve this department or company”. Think about what you bring to the table and have a carefully rehearsed, but not canned answer as to why they should hire you.