Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What can we learn from Diana Nyad

What can we learn from Diana Nyad
This week end’s accomplishment by Diana Nyad (http://www.diananyad.com/) is a shining example of determination. She teaches all of us the power of having a burning desire and following our dreams. It took her 35 years to realize that dream and 5 attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage.
What can we learn from this?

1.       You’re never too old to dream. She had this dream in her 20’s and accomplished this physically demanding feat at 64.

2.       When you are single-minded about something, it possesses you and grabs hold of you until you act on it. This is would I would call a passion. If it’s on your mind constantly, it needs addressing.

3.       Age is nothing but a number. So often, we stop ourselves from doing things because we think we’re too old. Keep in mind that if you put it off, you still will have aged but that burning desire is still there.

4.       This was as much mental as physical. She believed that she could do it even though it had never been done before. Sometimes our limitations are between our two ears. Henry Ford said “Whether You Believe You Can, Or You Can’t, You Are Right”.

5.       Sometimes we need to push ourselves to truly find out what we are made of. Live outside of your comfort zone.