Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How to work with a sales recruiter

A recruiter technically works for the client but a good recruiter needs to strike a delicate balance between the employer and candidate. Some employers have very specific needs and if the candidate does not fulfill that need then there is no sense in pushing for an interview with the employer. I have many clients that insist on a specific education level such as a Bachelor's degree. Don't be insulted if you're not being considered. It's not personal, it's my client's policy.

Keep in mind a recruiter is usually in interviews, on the phone, fielding emails or at an employer's site. As a candidate it is important that you respect the time that a recruiter gives you and we also need to respect your time. When I book an appointment to interview a candidate, it is usually with a specific position in mind. The odd time, I will do an exploratory meeting. If that is the case, I'll tell the candidate. It really serves no purpose to push a recruiter to see you.

Please, please please show up on time and dressed how you would normally dress for an interview with a potential employer. It is not any less important. I need to be able to match you with my client and their environment.

Follow up is important but too much follow up could be an indication of your selling tactics and style. There's a fine line between good follow up and a bothersome person. Ask the recruiter how you should follow up.

As a sales person, your 1st job is to sell yourself to the recruiter. How you do this tells me a great deal about your selling skills.

A recruiter does a great job when they understand the job, the employer's environment and most of all you; the potential employee. Put your best foot forward but most of all, put your true self forward. It will make for a marriage made in heaven.


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