Saturday, October 11, 2008

Do I need to make a great impression on the sales recruiter?

You’re just going to see a sales recruiter. No need to put on your best behaviour and best suit?? Not a great idea. Keep in mind that we are the gatekeepers to the client and will make recommendations to the customer as to who they should meet and interview. That is, after all, why they have hired us.

I am still amazed by candidates who arrive late and offer no explanation. Or better yet, don’t arrive appropriately dressed. I assume that you wear your best suit to the interview so it’s downhill after this. I say this sarcastically but there is some truth to this. I believe that I have said this in the past but you can never be over dressed for an interview but you sure can be underdressed.

Some customers are very friendly and try hard to get the candidate to relax. Some sales candidates rely on their charm and fall into the trap and become overly familiar too quickly. This also happens with the recruiter. In both instances, you need to be friendly but don’t invade someone’s space. This can give the recruiter the impression that this is how you sell.

As a sales recruiter, I often ask myself, “would I buy from this person”. The answer to this question might seal this candidate’s fate.

Finding the right balance between friendly and business-like is important to passing from the 1st step in the hiring process to the all important 2nd step; the meeting with the client. How you follow up is also important. Do you call several times without leaving a message? Remember we all have caller display. Leave a message. Professionals will always call you back.

Keep in mind that you are always selling something so be mindful of how you act, what you say and how you look. Most importantly, be yourself. You want to be hired for you.

Happy selling

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