Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How to weather the storm as a sales person

It seems that gloom and doom news is swirling around us and it is sometimes difficult to not let it affect us. Consider this; the need for good sales people is on the rise (see my last post), you have quite a bit of power in your own hands to change things and even if more customers are taking longer, delaying their purchases or not purchasing at all; now is the time to dig in and keep at it. Now the part of sales being a numbers game becomes true. Outwork outcall and out manoeuvre your competition. I believe one of the significant differences between winners and losers is that; given the same information; winners feel more optimistic about their chances of success. And perhaps they are doing more to put themselves in a position to win when things turn around.

This is the time to recruit new customers and work your networks. How many of you ask satisfied customers for a referral? I know that I sometimes am guilty of not always performing this very simple step.

Ever heard of paying it forward? It’s a simple concept which is based on doing good deeds for others as an acknowledgement of the good that has happened to you. Be a source of information and help to your customers, friends and families. I am not suggesting that you do good deeds to get something back in return but that is generally what happens and as a side benefit, you feel good!

What does all of this have to do about sales, sales recruiting and weathering a storm; it’s all about your attitude getting you through more challenging times.
Good business is out there, great sales jobs are too. Somebody will be awarded these sales jobs and these orders. Why not YOU!

Good selling!!

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