Friday, May 29, 2009

Using social media to help find my next sales job

Every time you turn on the television you here about social media. What social media is essentially online content created by people. It can take the form of blogs, instant messaging, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. In addition to working with folks like me; sales recruiters, it is also important to scout out your contacts on the different websites. Increasingly companies are using social networking to tap into non-traditional job seekers. Sites such as LinkedIn can tell you which companies are looking for employees and who within your network works there or are linked to those individuals.

The key to using these kinds of tools is to use them wisely. LinkedIn allows someone to request a virtual introduction to someone via a link. It is important to properly introduce yourself and the reason for the introduction so that one does not feel that they are bothering their link.

Increasingly there are ads on Facebook. Some of these ads are actual job offers. The key here is to click on the ad down the side when you see it because navigating away from the page may mean that you may not see the ad for a long time. Many companies have their own Facebook page and you can browse to see who works there.

As a recruiter, I often use LinkedIn to find potential employees; hence the need for a complete profile. It reads like a resume. As LinkedIn is a professional site, one should try to put a professional picture which is different for Facebook.

If you’re unemployed, why not start a blog. You want visibility for yourself and a blog could be a good way to go. Try to give something back while you do your daily or weekly musings. Demonstrate that you are an expert or really good at something. Remember to keep your blog as professional as possible. Sharing bits of your personal life is ok but if you’re looking for a job keep it as professional as possible. Employers do Google potential employees. What about following the blogs of some decision makers? What can you learn from a prospective employer or client?

Remember to share your blogs and profiles with interested parties. having an audience will help your job hunting along.

Happy selling

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