Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When is lying on your resume allowed?

Never! Let me repeat myself if you did not get the answer-lying on your resume is never acceptable. I don’t understand that in 2009 we are still dealing with this issue. Candidates are getting advice from so called reputable people telling them that lying on their resume is acceptable.

I had a senior sales manager tell me last week that he would be leaving a job off his resume where he was fired because it was not long enough. He was given this advice from a career counselor. If your lie is ever discovered; and we know that often they are; it opens the door to doubts abut your integrity. Why not practice how to explain away the failure or misfire?

I had another candidate take 1 year off to take care of a personal situation. He was fortunate enough to have the money to do so. Don’t try and mask the fact, come clean. You don’t have to give full details but enough to satisfy the employer that you had your hands full during the year. Perhaps the employer will see your compassionate side in your explanation and could help you with your next position.

And then there are individuals who invent earned degrees. That’s just not smart because those things are so easy to check. If you attended a school but did not finish the degree do not imply that you finished because it’s just like lying.

What about lying by omission? I have seen older candidates do this. They leave out certain jobs because it would indicate their age. Some have said that they leave them out to have a shorter resume. Lying by omission is still lying.

Don’t give a perspective employer a reason to doubt your integrity. This is a career ender. Come clean and practice your truthful responses when the questions arise. Besides liars have to have great memories.

Happy selling

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