Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Put your best voice forward-it may be your only 1st impression

We have all heard that you only get one chance to make a great 1st impression. This also works when leaving a voice mail message.

Why am I writing about this in 2010 when by now everyone should know this? It’s obviously because people still leave unremarkable messages or messages that leave a lot to be desired (sounding like you’re sleeping at 9:00 am).
If you are looking for a sales job; expect that employers and recruiters will call. Answer the phone like the next call is the call for your dream job.

Quick tips:

1. Look and sound alert.

2. Answer with a smile.

3. Don’t take that bite before picking up-you might just choke when you realize that it's the hiring manager that you’ve been waiting for.

4. Don’t ramble on in a voice mail.

5. If you are calling from a cell phone, leave your number twice-technology is not perfect.

6. Leave your name and number slowly.

7. Sound self-assured and happy.

8. Don’t be too friendly with someone you don’t yet know.

9. Don’t make assumptions-I always get called Mr Dawn because some people don’t know that Dawn is a woman’s name.

10. Put your personality into the call. It’s ok to be different but don’t cross the line.

Remember this is an opportunity to sell yourself.
Happy selling


#11 Perhaps not answer when the children are screaming and call back at a better time.

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George Lalos said...

You have certainly covered all the angles. I've had the opportunity to be interviewed and to interview potential employees over the phone and have found that all these points can come into play.