Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5 things that candidates should never say in an interview

1.       I don’t need to work- so why are you here? That believe it or not is an arrogant comment. What the candidate wanted to say is that they work for the pleasure of it but it came out as “I’m above it all” or I work for the pleasure, thrill or challenge.
2.       What does your company do? - You obviously did not do your homework. If you did not bother to take the time to learn about them, why should the employer take the time to learn about you?
3.       What’s the sick leave or sick days policy? – Nothing says red flag like this question. No employer wants someone who is going to work the system. Now, if you have a legitimate claim such as a sick child, you may want to find out what is covered but be discreet about it. With mounting health care costs, no one wants someone who will cost the company more than the average.
4.       Swearing your head off- what a turn off. So many candidates have made swearing a part of their daily life they don’t even realize that they are doing so. Swearing shows a lack of vocabulary. I suggest eliminating it altogether.
5.       You have to find me a job- No I don’t but I would like to. This is the candidate's responsibility and his/hers only. Nothing says desperate like this statement. Equally, don’t say “I’ll do anything”.  What you want to say is that you are flexible and open to change.

Also reflect carefully on the question “what are your weaknesses?” You will be asked that at some point in your interview process, be prepared to answer it thoughtfully and intelligently.

Happy selling

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