Thursday, June 26, 2014

What is a great client and how to spot one if you’re a recruiter?

Not all clients are created equally and being able to spot a great one makes the job of a recruiter so much more enjoyable and easier. Here are some habits of great clients.
1.       Gives feedback
A client who gives complete and timely feedback is loved by their recruiter and candidate. Most candidates want to know why they did not get the job and so does the recruiter. All feedback is good because it helps me as your recruiter get to know you. You’re in that sweet spot when you meet someone and you know right away that they will fit with your client; even if you don’t have a mandate. It’s like you’re symbiotic with your client. Imagine how much faster and smoother recruiting would be if I knew what you liked and did not Mr/Ms Client?
2.       Takes the necessary time
Great clients take the time to fully explain the role to you. If you can’t be bothered to work with your partner, how do you expect your partner to deliver? A great client will invest the time and energy because they know that as a recruiter you are their ambassador and will be able to “sell” the position to Top Talent. People want to know stuff about culture, management style and soft skills and the best way is to take the time with the recruiter to explain and perhaps show them around the office. We’re not asking for a day but perhaps an hour.
3.       Their honest and up-front
These things ties in with giving feedback. We know that “stuff” happens, companies change management, head count is cut or something just does not click. We’re adults and can take the truth. We’re here to help.  If you know that you’re management style is that of a micro manager, let us know. We’ll find the person who thrives on that trait.
4.       They a have a sense of urgency
We love clients who have the same sense of urgency that we have; as long as it is realistic. We want you to hire quickly but with the correct candidate. We both need to strike a balance between quantity and quality.
5.       They’re nice to work with
How does one qualify the nice factor? They don’t take themselves too seriously, they admit when they’re wrong and want to get to know you as a person. Let’s face it, people buy from people and we’re selling people as recruiters. The job is stressful and fast-paced but with a great client, you want to work that much harder for them.

Happy Selling

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