Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is there a need for a code of conduct or a code of ethics in the recruitment industry?

  1. Have you ever had a prospective employer get a copy of your resume although you never sent it to them?
  2. Ever had a sales recruiter send your resume to a client but you have never even met the recruiter?
  3. Ever have a recruiter “hard sell” you on a position even though you’ve told them no?
  4. Ever have a recruiter call you for a new job even though they placed you in your present position?

    If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then perhaps there is a need for a code of ethics. All of the situations above are questionable ethics at best. Sales recruiting is sales but it is dealing with someone’s career after all. These are methods to get you in a seat as quickly as possible but may not be the best positions or methods for you. It is your career after all.

    A good recruiter will take the time to do a face to face interview with you. Sending your resume without your permission or without having met you, is not good business; for you or for the client.

    It’s also not good business to call a candidate that the recruiter has placed.

    The recruiter works for the client but provides an essential service to the candidate. Find a good sales recruiter (or a few) then learn to work with them. Be honest with your recruiter, respect their time and be honest with your self about what you are looking for.

    Take your career seriously and deal with a sales recruiter who seeks a win, win, win situation; a win for the client, a win for the candidate and a win for themselves.
There is a need and some firms have taken the step to institute a code of conduct. Seek out those firms who can speak to their ethical work methods. In the long run, you'll probably be better served.

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