Thursday, November 26, 2009

Having problems staying motivated in November?

If you are like most people, staying motivated in November is a challenge. This is because we have less light, days are shorter and we are distracted by sugar plum fairies and the upcoming holiday season.

So much of sales and sales recruiting happens between your 2 ears so you must put everything on your side and find what motivates you. Some mornings, I put on my happy song in the car and sing as loud as I can.

It's really important to get outside while it's light outside. Take a walk at lunch or even before work to get some much needed vitamin D. As sales people most of us have the liberty to plan our schedules ourselves so why not do a work out at lunch? Exercise raises those much needed endorphins that produce that feeling of happy.

I started writing weekly goals and checking back on a daily basis to gauge whether I will accomplish them by weeks end. Keep your goals in mind-think of what you want to accomplish and when.

Your attitude is one of the biggest things about staying motivated and only you can change that. Get enough rest. When I'm sleep deprived, I have a tendency to be more sensitive, irritable and less positive. Hang out with positive people. Misery likes company so the opposite should be true.

Let it go.There are some situations where we have to just let it go and not take a situation or customer to heart. Although we want to win them all, we can't. Move on to someone who wants to do business with you.

And when in doubt "fake it till you make it". Put on a fake smile until it becomes real.

Happy selling

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